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We offer many services to cater to you and your pets' needs. The pricing charts below are general guidelines. Contact us to find out more and to setup services!


Household Scooping Service

We'll scoop up your dog's waste from your property on a regular cleaning schedule. One-time cleanings are great for cleaning up before parties or get-togethers.


1 time only visits are $15 + $1/minute of actual scooping time.

*Prices cover 1 dog. Each additional dog is only $5 more a month. Extremely large or time consuming properties regularly taking 30+ mins to clean may require an additional fee but this is extremely rare. The average yard takes about 5-15 minutes when routinely scooped.

For community residences and non-residential properties please contact us for quotes.


HOA, Commercial and Community Dog Waste Management

If your residential community, commercial property or public area needs dog waste removal and management, we can help! A very popular option for HOA's and property management companies. We can clean up general spaces where dogs frequently leave their waste. We can also install dog waste stations as well as provide maintenance and clean-up services for them, even if you install them yourselves. Prices for installing dog waste stations vary depending on the type and amount selected, so contact us for options and quotes. Maintenance programs can also vary depending on your specific needs, but typically start at $9/station per week. We'll collect any dog waste from within a general area of the station, collect and change the trashcan liner bags, refill the dog waste pick-up bag stock, and dispose of the waste. Every property is unique, so if you have any questions please feel free to contact us!


Dog Walking

We'll come get your dogs to give them some love and attention, play in the yard, go to the bathroom, get some food and water, walk around the area etc. This is also a good service for helping your dog to learn to walk on a leash or help with potty training.

*Prices are for one dog, each additional dog is $2 per walk.


In-home Pet Sitting

We'll take care of your pets in the comfort of their own homes when you're unable to. This is much more safe and less stressful for pets than kennels or doggie day cares, and a lot more convenient and less work for you as an owner. We'll make sure your pets have plenty of attention, food, and water as well as take care of their "potty" needs. This is also a great service if your pets have any medication or special health needs. A lot of our customers are puppy owners who just want to make sure they aren't cooped up alone all day while their owners are at work. Each visit gives plenty of time for fun and play as well as the basic needs. We also provide special overnight visits where we'll stay in your home with your pets. As an added bonus, we also offer house sitting services like bringing in your mail/newspapers, turning off/on lights, watering plants, etc. free of charge with any visits.

*Prices are for up to 2 pets. Just $2 more per animal per day unless in the same enclosure like birds or fish.



We accept checks, money orders and cash. We now also accept all major credit cards and electronic bank deposits securely through PayPal.