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1. Who are your services for?

2. Do you just service houses?

3. Do you service litter boxes or other pet messes or cages.

4. What does your scooper service include?

4.1. What does your dog walking service include?

4.2. What does your pet sitting service include?

4.3. What does your pet taxi service include?

5. What days and times do you service for poop scooping?

5.1 Q: What days and times do you service for pet sitting, dog walking and taxi service?

6. Can I pick my day for poop scooper service?

6.1 Q: Can I pick my day/time for pet sitting, dog walking and taxi service

7. What do I need to do before you come?

8. What if you can’t access my property by accident or because of my pet?

9. Can my pets be in the same area while you’re cleaning my yard?

10. What happens if I go on vacation or my pets are away?

11. What forms of payment do you accept?

12. How do payments work?

13. Will I get a bill?

14. Will there be any surprise charges?

15. Do I need to sign a contract?

16. Do you offer referral bonuses?

17. What are your qualifications?

18. Will you spam me or give away my information?

1. Q: Who are your services for?
A: It’s for any people or places that can’t or don’t want to deal with the unpleasant messes our pets make but love having them around. Also, often people are too busy, on vacation, grossed out, physically unable, or have medical issues that prevent them from being able to clean after, walk, or give basic care for their pets. A lot of our customers work long days and simply want to give their pets a chance to stretch their legs and relieve themselves while they're at work. It also lets people like senior citizens, pregnant women, mentally handicapped, etc. to keep pets when they might not otherwise be able to. Sometimes it’s as simple as the kids not doing it like they promised, or you just plain don’t want to have to deal with it. Whatever the case, they're all the same pets and poop to us! We also service retail, business, and apartment locations for pet or wildlife waste (like goose and duck poop at ponds) so feel free to contact us for an estimate for those kinds of properties.

2. Q: Do you just service houses?
A: No, we also service apartment complexes, retail, commercial and business properties. You name it, we scoop it! Contact us for quotes as these types of properties vary greatly on the amount of work and time involved.

3. Q: Do you service litter boxes or other pet messes or cages instead of dog poop?
A: Cat litter boxes not anymore but we may again in the future, other animals it depends. We’ll need access or somebody home to grant access. You can hide a key for us or we can keep a key on file or make some other arrangement. For birds, reptiles, etc. please contact us for a quote. We’ve serviced birds, ferrets, chinchillas, rodents and many others in the past.

4. Q: What does your scooper service include?
A: For dog waste, we’ll come to your property to search for and scoop up any poop in the areas that you inform us that your pets go in. Please let us know if they switch spots or we missed one. We’ll securely bag the poop and ideally place it in your trash can if available, or for a small fee, dispose of it at our facilities. It’s highly recommended that you not use pet waste in compost piles or as fertilizer.

4.1 Q: What does your dog walking service include?

A: According to your preferences, we'll come to your dog's location and play in your yard, walk around the area, go to a near by park or other area so that your dog can get lots of attention, stretch it's legs, and relieve itself. We'll pick up and dispose of any waste made during the visit and make sure they have plenty of water during the trip and in their bowls at home since they'll be working up a thirst. We usually use your dog's leashes/collars/harnesses since your pets are accustomed to them so please make sure they fit properly and are in good condition to avoid escapes.

4.2 Q: What does your pet sitting service include?

A: We'll visit your home or pet's location and provide all the things their accustomed to in the safety and comfort of their own home. We'll feed them, give them water, love and affection, walk and play time, any medications they might need, and make sure that their bathroom needs are met. If you have any special needs just ask. We can take care of many animals besides dogs and cats, such as fish, birds, rodents, etc. Each visit lasts about 30 mins so there is plenty of time to get the basic needs met as well as time for fun and play.

5. Q: What days and times do you service for poop scooping?
A: For poop scooping, we generally work Monday – Friday, 7am – 6pm depending on the time of year and weather. Sometimes we’ll work on a weekend or earlier/later hours to catch up services missed because of bad weather, holidays, etc. If you state ahead of time that certain times or days are bad for you, we’ll avoid them or call ahead of time. Also feel free to let us know if you have any special events, vacations, religious holidays, etc. that affect when you need or don’t need service and we’ll do our best to work it out.

5.1 Q: What days and times do you service for pet sitting and dog walking?

A: Generally we can service any time or day, but night or holiday rates may apply. Please see our Services and Prices section or contact us for more information.

6. Q: Can I pick my day for poop scooper service?
A: For poop scooping, we’ll try our best to accommodate your schedule if you absolutely need, but we can’t guarantee it. To make our services economical we may need to adjust our routes to or from your area on some days. Also, due to things like inclement weather, holidays, sickness, vacations, etc. we may need to adjust service times. If we know that you definitely need specific service times we’ll contact you to arrange a different time.

6.1 Q: Can I pick my day/time for pet sitting and dog walking?

A: Absolutely. These services can rely on being performed at specific times. If you request specific times for dog walking and pet sitting services, we'll do our absolute best to follow them. Sometimes things like bad traffic or other unforeseen circumstances might delay us temporarily though. If anything beyond an hour's delay looks likely we'll contact you to let you know. If you don't require specific times for walkings or sitting visits, we'll just split them up into AM/MID-DAY/PM depending on how many visits we're providing and how long the pets will be left alone to ensure they have as little time alone as possible.

7. Q: What do I need to do before you come?
A: For poop scooping, just make sure that we’ll have access to the area in need of service or somebody is home to grant access. We’ll have communicated, if not actually met at the service site, to go over the details before the first visit. If there are any problems, we’ll contact you before cleaning or leave a note. For the other services, make sure we'll have access to the property/animals or somebody is there to grant us access. Also, make sure they have all of the food, medication, and other special needs items they'll need for the time we're supplying care. We'll get information from you ahead of time such as emergency vet information, feeding schedule, etc., but if there are any problems we'll contact you or use our judgment with the pets best interests in mind.

8. Q: What happens if you can’t access my property by accident or because of my pet?
A: We understand mistakes and bad circumstances happen. For Poop Scooping, we’ll attempt to come back if circumstances allow. If there are any problems that you know of ahead of time, just shoot us a text or email. Sometimes we can also arrange another day to visit soon. For other services we'll try and contact you on site. If access can't be granted or your pets can't be cared for and it's not a vital visit, we treat it as a short notice cancellation and unfortunately have to charge for the visit since it costs us time and money getting there that might have been spent on another customer. If we know the pet needs vital medical attention and/or nobody will be caring for the animal except us for a long enough time to threaten their health and safety, and we aren't able to contact you and get access, we'll either contact the authorities for access or use the least destructive way to gain entrance (such as popping out a screen window ). Such circumstances are extremely rare and only used as a last resort for emergencies for the safety of the pets.

9. Q: Can my pets be in the same area while you’re cleaning my yard?
A: Sometimes, if necessary, but it’s usually easier if other arrangements are made. Introductions with pets are welcome, and we’ll make our best effort to make friends (we’re not above giving treat bribes) but sometimes even the best pets get defensive about strangers ‘invading’ their turf, especially one carrying scary tools and smelling of other dogs. In these cases, if your pets can’t be moved or restrained during cleaning, we may not be able to provide service. This hasn't happened yet though so it's rare that it would be an issue.

10. Q: What happens if I go on vacation or my pets are away?
A: Just let us know 48hrs before hand so we don’t waste a visit and it will be prorated on the next month’s bill if on a recurring service, or refunded if already paid. If your dog stays at home while you’re on vacation, we’ll continue the scoop since they continue to poop, and hopefully we'll be the ones pet sitting!

11. Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: We accept checks and cash, and also electronic payments through Google Pay (checking/savings or debit cards). There is a $25 returned check fee. We can take credit card payments through PayPal if it's the only means for an additional fee, but the simplicity and reduced cost of the the other methods are highly prefered.

12. Q: How do payments work?
A: For recurring monthly service, payments are due by the 1st of the month for the following month’s service. You pay in advance, so for example a bill due November 1st is for November’s service. If a payment isn’t to us by the 1st (AKA late) we may unfortunately not be able to service you unless payment is given at the service site or other arrangements are made with us. If you forgot or had problems with the payment, please feel free to contact us. We may work with poop but we won’t treat you like it!
   For weekly or occasional services, payment is due at or before the time of service unless other arrangements are made with us. If you're a known customer in good standing we can sometimes bill you later in special circumstances.

13. Q: Will I get a bill?
A: We’ll either email, postal mail, or leave an invoice at the service site, or a combination of those depending on your preferences and the service and circumstances. Email is the fastest, easiest, and most tree conserving option so we highly encourage email invoicing.

14. Q: Will there be any surprise charges?
A: Absolutely not! If there are any issues or extra work/fees required beyond the services agreed upon, we’ll contact you and check ahead of time before doing anything. Unless it’s been a long time since your last yard cleaning, this is your first visit and nobody is home, or there is a pet health emergency, it’s rare to have any issues. Poop and pets are pretty simple. We try and be as honest and straightforward with the pricing as possible ahead of time. That's the only way to build trust and to gain your loyalty.

15. Q: Do I need to sign a contract?
A: Nope. You don’t need to sign anything but a basic service agreement and are under no obligation to continue our services.

16. Q: Do you offer referral bonuses?
A: Yes we do! Get one $5 discount off of 1 service for each address referral if you’re a recurring customer and you refer another address who signs up for service. Each address can only be referred once though and the new address must tell who referred them to the service at the time of signing up.

17. Q: What are your qualifications?
A: I’m a professional zookeeper having worked in numerous zoos and conservation projects, so I know my animals and poop! I've been working with domestic animals like dogs and cats for over 21 years in addition to exotic animals like jaguars and primates at major area zoos. My helpers and I are trained to prevent disease spread and help notice and identify potential health problems in your pets and their fecal matter. There is a reason that vets often ask for stool samples as it’s an essential indicator of an animal’s health and over all condition. It can even help indicate mental stresses. Staring at poop may not be fun, but it’s informative. We can’t guarantee catching health problems, but we can certainly increase the odds of catching them while it’s early. All Zooper Scoopers staff are fully trained and reliable. We're fully insured for your animals' and your property's safety. Zooper Scoopers is family owned and operated so I know that my helpers are trustworthy and professional.

18. Q: Will you spam me or give away my information?
A: Not a chance! We’ll only use your contact information for billing and communication reasons. We’ll never sell or give out your information, email or otherwise. Our business success relies on being as honest, up front, convenient, and as little hassle as possible.

We accept checks, money orders and cash. We now also accept all major credit cards and electronic bank deposits securely through PayPal.