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Love your dogs but hate searching the yard for their messes? Tired of dealing with the hot, cold, rain, snow, etc. outside? Have physical or health problems where you can’t or shouldn’t be caring for your pets yourself but don't want to give them up? Kids not helping like they promised? Short on time or too tired? Going on vacation or away on business? Just plain don’t want to deal with the grossness of it all? . . .

Welcome to Zooper Scoopers!

We’re a POOP SCOOPING, PET SITTING, DOG WALKING, and HOUSE SITTING service for residential, commercial, and retail locations in the greater South Eastern PA/Lehigh Valley area. We’ll take care of your pets and clean your yards and litterboxes so you don’t have to! Let a professional zookeeper and fully trained team clean up after your furry friends so you can have all of the fun and none of the mess! We're fully insured/bonded so your pets and homes are safe in our hands


We've long had a practice of not charging for scooping or caring for foster dogs. Helping needy dogs is a great thing and it's something we want to encourage and reward. Now, we're making it official. We'll scoop, walk or pet sit any foster or adopted dog free of charge. Except for a base-rate of one dog (to cover expenses like fuel and supplies for the visit) there is no charge for any foster or adopted dogs. For example: You have 2 dogs purchased from a pet store and 2 dogs that you've adopted from a shelter that you want poop scooping service for. You only are charged for the 2 dogs purchased from a pet store. Another example: You have 4 dogs that are all adopted from shelters or being fostered until they find a good home and you want the poop scooping service. You're only charged the base rate of 1 dog to cover our costs of going to your residence and supplies used. The same method applies to pet sitting or dog walking services!


We have a wide and flexible range of services and visit schedules. Please visit our FAQ and Pricing sections for details. For further questions or to setup service please don’t hesitate to call, text message or email 24/7!


GOOD NEWS! We’re now offering a REFERAL BONUS program! Refer somebody who signs up for our service and get a discount. See the FAQ for details.


We accept checks, money orders and cash. We now also accept all major credit cards and electronic bank deposits securely through PayPal.